We are a proven, award winning team that believes in providing you a unique platform to help accelerate your company – We are looking to support and help you grow your company to achieveyour ambitions, in a way other third party and passive investors do not.

Long Term Focus Unlike most other investment firms, we work with you to build a new strategic business plan, aligning your personal goals with your ambition for your company. We believe people are the most important asset of any company the most difficult to replace or find.

Real Company Growth Since we are our own investment partners, we do not have the pressure to flip our investments quickly or make it look good on paper by excessive leveraging or pure financial engineering.

Total Understanding We’ve been in your situation before and we’ve learned a lot along the way – from raising hundreds of millions worth of debt, had traditional private equity investment, raised public bonds, sold some equity to grow and finally exited to competitors, hedge funds and publicly traded company – we know the road well.

Smart Growth Capital Growth capital strategically invested can propel companies quickly into their next stage of development.

Embracing Your Company Culture Companies thrive on more than just cash, it is the people and its culture that are important and we believe that if it isn’t broken then why change it?

Supporting Your Key Management We focus on helping management implement small but impactful changes that drive true growth and not just make the balance sheet “healthier”. We look to supplement the team with our team members, network and help with key initiatives.

Hands-on Operational Support Our team are real operators and not just number guys – yes we have them too. They revel in getting stuck in and getting the job done and seeing positive and high impact results – they will be there post-investment to help the team get the acceleration underway.